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Department of Labor Protection and Civil Defense

General information

The Labor Protection Service was established in May, 2013. The department is an independent subdivision in the structure of the National Library of Belarus.


The department is in charge of implementation of organizational and methodological management strategy in structural subdivisions of the National Library of Belarus for maintenance of healthy and safe conditions of work, as well as the analysis of conditions of work and labor protection and causes of infringements of labor legislation and labor safety laws, industrial traumatism and occupational diseases.

Major tasks:

Labor protection activities including:

  • coordination of activity of structural subdivisions on maintenance of healthy and safe conditions of work;
  • improvement of labor safety management;
  • introduction of the best practices and scientific development on labor protection and occupational hygiene, promotion of labor safety;
  • provision of information and consultancy services to the administration and employees of the Library concerning labor safety.

Control of labor protection including:

  • observance of safety requirements and occupational hygiene;
  • observance of labor legislation and labor safety laws;
  • fulfillment (observance) of local normative legal acts concerning labor safety.

Structure and staff
Head of the Department: Veronica Belkevich
Tel: (+375 17) 293 25 42 (internal number: 75 42)
Labor Protection Engineer of the 1st category:
Tel: (+375 17) 293 28 24 (internal number: 78 24), 368 97 32
Chief Engineer (CD): Aliaksandr Miadziucha
Tel: (+375 17) 293 25 45 (internal number: 75 45)