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Computation Office


The division’s activity is aimed at the maintenance and modernization of a complex of information-technological systems of the Library.

The division’s major tasks:

  • Operative and qualitative maintenance of software and dataware:
  • automated library information system (ABIS);
  • union electronic catalog (SEK);
  • corporate cataloguing system (SКК);
  • database management automated system (ASBUD);
  • access control management system (SKUD);
  • regional union electronic catalogue system (RSEK);
  • the National database of authority files (NB AZ);
  • automated office work and electronic document archive keeping system "The Record";
  • administration of software and workbenches of theLibrary users and employees;
  • administration of the ABIS domain and user accounts;
  • registration of program documentation, license agreements and software installation;
  • preparation of materials for modernization and maintenance of theLibrary information-technological system (KITS);
  • administration of access to external databases;
  • participation in projects on development of theLibrary information resources;
  • technical support of public events;
  • provision of information security;
  • reparation of the KITS hardware;
  • maintenance of network equipment (hubs, convertors, cable cyctem);
  • maintenance of the SKUD server equipment;
  • work in an operative guard mode.

    Functions of the department:

    • support of software on users’ and employees’ workbenches, ABIS, SEK, SKK, ASBUD, SKUD, Internet services, system "The Record";
    • support of software and databases SEK, SKK, SKUD, Internet services;
    • analysis and error recovery of ABIS, SEK, SKK, ASBUD, SKUD, Internet services, LanDocs software in cooperation with software developers and associated organizations;
    • preparation of materials for developers on improvement of ABIS, SEK, SKK, ASBUD, SKUD, Internet services, LanDocs software and databases;
    • administration of SKUD software in the Library and the President Center;
    • replacement of active storage;
    • replacement of computer equipment;
    • reparation of computer equipment;
    • error recovery in office and network programs;
    • provision of computer techniques and multimedia equipment for the Library’s events;
    • arrangement of delivery of active storage, equipment and its reparation during the warranty period;
    • development of methodological and normative documents on accident prevention at the KITS operation;
    • advisory assistance to the Library’s divisions in the field of technical maintenance and use of the KITS;
    • organization of work on the introduction of new information technologies.

    Structure and staff:

    Head of the Department: Elena Polityko
    Tel: (+375 17) 293 27 72 (internal number: 77 72)
    Room 327 
    Deputy Head of Department: Andrey Belaytko
    Tel: (+375 17) 293 27 57 (internal number: 77 57)
    Room 330

    1. ABIS Subsystems Maintenance
    Head of the Section: Ogorodnikova Tatiana leonidovna
    Tel: (+375 17) 293 27 71 (internal number: 77 71)
    Room 312

    2. Administration of System Software, Information Security and Maintenance of Local Computer Systems
    Head of the Section: Andrey Matsko
    Tel: (+375 17) 293 25 17 (internal number: 75 17)
    Room 336

    3. Maintenance of Automated Management System Software
    Head of the Section: Nadiezhda Kern
    Tel: (+375 17) 293 27 94 (internal number: 77 94)
    Room 312

    4. Registration and Keeping of the KITS Software and Program Documentation
    Head of the Section:  Senko Natalia Mikhailovna
    Tel: (+375 17) 293 29 11 (internal number: 79 11)
    Room 332

    5. Repairs of Computers and Peripherals
    Head of the Section: Vladimir Zorich
    Tel: (+375 17) 293 29 18 (internal number: 79 18)
    Room 340

    6. Maintenance of Computer Equipment
    Head of the Section: Valery Krasnov
    Tel: (+375 17) 293 28 48 (internal number: 78 48)
    Room 334

    7. Maintenance of Peripherals
    Head of the Section: Larissa Kern
    Tel: (+375 17) 293 29 15 (internal number: 79 15)
    Room 325

    8. Maintenance of the Main and Reserve Centers of Data Processing
    Head of the Section: Victor Privorotsky
    Tel: (+375 17) 293 29 82 (internal number: 79 82)
    Room 334