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Sport Club

The Sport Club of the National Library of Belarus (the NLB hereafter) was set up in 2007 at the suggestion of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus (the Concept of the development of the Republican information and cultural center on the basis of the building of the National Library of Belarus of May 26th, 2005) and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus (Decree of December 14th, 2006).
The aim of the Library Sport Club is to promote the healthy life style and physical training for both the Library users and personnel.

The NLB is the organizer of the sport events as follow:

  • corporate cultural and sport holidays;
  • participation in district, city, and republican sport events;
  • team and individual sport trainings;
  • participation in annual republican sport competitions;
  • educational and cultural programs;
  • subject book and art exhibitions promoting the healthy life style.

Within the framework of the Day of Libraries celebration, the NLB annually holds outdoor corporate cultural and sport holidays. These events are taken place in sport camps and gather over 400 workers of the NLB. Various sport and playing contests, volleyball, tennis, darts tournaments, performances, lotteries, karaoke and dances are part of outdoor sport holidays.


At present the NLB rents a swimming pool and a volleyball ground for its workers. Table tennis trainings and tournaments are held on the NLB’s ground floors while football and athletics trainings are held outdoor. The NLB workers train daily in the NLB’s fitness center.

In 2007 the NLB’s combined team participated in the annual republican sport competition and won the 4th place among 14 participating teams.
The NLB’s subject book and art exhibitions promote the healthy life style too. There are art galleries and exhibition areas in the NLB where different materials dedicated to sport and the healthy life style are displayed, among them: “Sporty Belarus”, “Health Fashion”, “Tourism in Belarus”, “Health of the Nation – Well-Being of the State” and others.
A sporty and healthy person always associates with an aesthetically beautiful one. In the NLB were held art exhibitions “Human Beautiful” revealing physical and spiritual beauty of a person and “Human and Wheel” representing human life as an ideal circle, perpetual movements and striving for perfection.
Twice a month the NLB organizes popular educational and cultural programs for its workers dedicated to the healthy life style and improvement of spiritual and physical state of a person. Since 2008 the NLB workers have been taking the lessons of classical and oriental dances.

On May 31st, 2008, in a sport camp “Ratomka” (Minsk region) took place the 2nd Summer Republican sport contest for cultural workers.

Teams of all regions of Belarus, Minsk, and the Ministry of Culture institutions participated in the sport contest which was held within the framework of the Year of Health. The National Library of Belarus won the 2nd place.