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Document search
Electronic catalog is the main search engine of the National Library of Belarus. The catalog is being filled up constantly and represents the following resources:
  • books published from the XIX century to present day;
  • old printed and rare publications, manuscript books;
  • authors’ abstracts of dissertations and dissertations;
  • documents of international organizations;
  • periodicals (newspapers, journals) and serials;
  • music publications;
  • audio and video materials;
  • visual documents;
  • maps and atlases;
  • electronic resources.

Considering that not all documents from the NLB collection are represented in the Electronic catalog, we recommend you to use the Image catalog as well.

Document search modes:
  • Basic search: allows to perform document selection by all elements of a bibliographical record as well as their combination (author, title, subject etc.). The basic search mode has an additional filter by kind of a document, language and imprint date.
  • Search by kind of documents: allows to perform document selection by specified kind of a document (book, music, audio and video materials, electronic resources, authors’ abstracts of dissertations and dissertations). Search entry elements are adapted for each kind of documents that allows to get accurate search data.
  • Dictionary search: allows to perform search of documents by authoritative records. Authoritative record’s parent is an accepted title of an object (persons, organizations, geographic object, object etc.). Besides that, authoritative records may contain alternate titles, supplemental information, sources of information data, and other information characterizing an object.

Warning! Documents published before 1993 are represented as records obtained by means of retroconversion* of the NLB card catalogs. As a result, most of these records have neither search elements «Subject» and «Person», nor search mode «Search by dictionaries».


*Retroconversion is industrial (i.e. in great volumes) conversion of text data from graphic into digital machine-readable format by means of scanning and automatic recognition, or manual data input.

Document order
Remote order is available only to users having the NLB’s library ticket after registrationon the NLB’s Internet portal.

State of an order is represented in the bookmark "Orders".
You can order the following kinds of documents:

Old printed publications, manuscripts and dissertations can be orders in the presence of a special permission only (see the Reading Rooms Code of Service).

Personal catalog
Personal catalog allows to compose and save a user’s list of selected materials.

Personal catalog is available only to users having the NLB’s library ticket after registrationon the NLB’s Internet portal.


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