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National Library of Belarus
120 years since Joseph Simanovsky’s birth
24 April marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of Simanovsky, known specialist in library science, bibliographer, the first director of the National Library of Belarus, a man who devoted his whole life to the development of libraries in Belarus.

Simanovsky was one of the most educated men of his time. He graduated from high school in Vilna (Vilnius), higher education got in France (Paris, Sorbonne, Faculty of Literature) and in Switzerland (Bern, university, Literature Department of Philosophy Faculty).

Due to his active participation the library of the Belarusian State University was transformed into the Belarusian State and University Library, which is because of further intensive growth and development became an independent BSSR State Library named after V.I. Lenin (today – the National Library of Belarus). He spent 40 years in this institute on the position of a director. At his time J. Simanovsky was at the head of the BSSR scientific medical library.

Wonderful organizer and expert on library and bibliographical science J. Simanovsky deservedly was marked by numerous state awards.