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Congratulations on Men’s Day
The Eighth Day: International Exhibition Project

"I (Don't) Believe My Eyes!": Holograms in the National Library of Belarus

"I (Don't) Believe My Eyes!": Holograms in the National Library of Belarus
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Since February 23 the library should not only be quiet, but also ... dark. No, no, this is not a game of hide-and-seek or a new quest. An exhibition of art holograms "Holography-2018. Minsk"–"Education. Cognition. Progress" opens there.

It’s really strange, but light can create art only in total darkness. Light waves superposition, photosensitive material and laser beam - and the real volume objects appear in the "black square”, a 3D world is born. You want to open the "boxes" in which they are enclosed, take them in hand and explore.

The exhibition surprises not only the number of exposed holograms (about 150!), but also by thematic diversity. You will find there the Great Patriotic War attributes, Christian relics ("Cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk", orthodox icon of the Mother of God, "Gifts of the Magi", orthodox icon of the Blessed Virgin), museum values, plants, art-compositions, nature, architecture, animals, space ships, combat aircrafts and much more.

The treasures from the collections of the National Library of Belarus are “recorded” in holograms for the first time: valuable old printed publication "The Bible" by Francysk Skaryna (Prague, 1517–1519), "The Gospel" by Peter Mstislavets (Vilna, 1575), "New Testament and Psalms" (Kutein, 1652).

All exposed holograms are "made in Belarus" and were created by the leading Belarusian enterprises “Magiya Sveta” (Magic of Light) and "Holography Industry", the founder of which is the world-famous scientist Leonid Tanin.

Literally, "holography" is translated as "complete image recording". Indeed, this is not a visual illusion, it is Physics. To not have any doubtsyou should to come and try to understand it. People who know all the secrets of optics and the magical properties of light will help you. The guides will tell you about the history of holography, reveal the secrets of the difference between holograms and other optical illusions, and also prove that physics can be incredibly interesting.

Holography is a young, modern and perspective science. Today it finds application in medicine, space exploration, show business, interior design, advertising and other areas. As for art holograms, it is surely the art of the future. The future that has come today.

Come, explore, get impressions and make new discoveries!
We will help you to believe your eyes!

We are waiting for you:
Monday to Friday: 10:00-20:00
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00-18:00
On 7, 9, 26 March 10: 00-18: 00, on March 8 is a day off.
The last Monday of the month is a sanitary day.

The operation hours can be changed.

The price: 8 BYN.

  • Special price for students in secondary, secondary special and higher educational institutions: 5 BYN.
  • Special price for children from 3 to 6 years, people with disabilities and children from large families: 3 BYN.
  • For children up to 3 years, pupils of orphanages and accompanying of groups of pupils (1 person for 10 children): free of charge.
  • Family ticket (group of 2 adults and 2 children up to 16 years old): 18 BYN.
  • Family ticket (group of 2 adults and 1 children up to 16 years old): 16,50 BYN.

Daily (according to the exhibition opening hours) the Library employees give brief information about the exposition up to 15 minutes for groups of visitors ;

every Wednesday from 18.00 to 18.45 the gallery and exhibition department employees make the information review of the exhibition;

every Saturday from 11.00 to 11.45 and from 16.00 to 16.45 the employees of "Magiya Sveta" make the information review of the exhibition.

For more info: (8 017) 266 37 37, (8 029) 340 15 14.


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Congratulations on Men’s Day


A festive event "Strong man", dedicated to the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland was held in Library on February 23.

Сycle of Excursions "Famous Names of Motherland"


The year of 2018 is declared the Year of the Native Land in the Republic of Belarus. For each person, the native land is the place where he was born and raised, where he realized first himself as a person. To Remember his origins, preserve traditions and multiply cultural values, there is the duty of every citizen of our country.

Not a Selfie!


The Photographers of Belarus. 1850–1918, a book by Alexander Velichko, will be presented in the Education technology hall (room 346), at 16.00 on March 14.